For nearly 40 years, Star Wars has been a cultural phenomenon. With iconic figures like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and lovable droids like C3-PO and R2-D2 that galaxy far, far away seems much closer.  The movies have made their way into our lives and the words into our conversations.  “Luke, I am your Father.”  “Do or not do, there is no try.”  “May the Force be with you.”  To name a few.  Now comes another chapter to the story with new characters and new lines.  What can they teach us about the story of Jesus’ birth?  What can they teach us about ourselves as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus our Savior?  Let’s find out together this Advent Season.

November 29th – First Sunday of Advent

Joseph and Finn - “Raised for one thing.”


December 6th – Second Sunday of Advent

Mary and Rey - “I am no one”


December 13th – Third Sunday of Advent

King Herod and Kylo Ren - “I will finish what you started”


December 20th – Fourth Sunday of Advent – Children’s Program

“The force is calling you … Just let it in”


December 24th – Christmas Eve

“Every generation has a story”


December 27th – The End?



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