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Advent  Sermon Series:  Waiting Well

Waiting is not something that many people look forward to because it is inconvenient, frustrating, and can be viewed as the result of incompetence or even malice. This series will look at different ways in which we can wait and to wait well. This can challenge our ideas that waiting means inactivity, laziness, and apathy, and move us towards a view of waiting as something that is just, deliberate, and disciplined. Join us as we look at waiting from a different view.


Our upcoming sermon titles: 

12/3- Quick, Look Busy- Matthew 24: 36-44

12/10- Not All Actions Are Created Equal- Matthew 3: 1-12

12/17- That's Ok, I'll Wait- Matthew 11: 2-14

12/24- 10:30 am- Don't Drop The Baby- Matthew 1: 18-25

12/24- 7:00 pm- The Gift Of Fragility- Luke 2: 1-20