Weekly Announcments

Youth Group Gatherings
We will meet this Sunday, September 18th, from 7:00-8:15pm.  We be planning our Fall schedule, so please bring your family and school calendar with you.  Youth group is welcome to all youth between 6th grade and 12th grade.  We will meet at Crosspoint.  We look forward to seeing everyone.  If you have any questions, Contact Thom Kalb (330-705-6386) or Zack McFee (330-806-9377).

Fall Festival
We are having a Fall Festival at Crosspoint on Sunday October 16th from 4:00pm-6:00pm.  There will be games, face painting, pumpkin painting, hot dogs, s’mores, Fall photos and horseshoes and cornhole for the adults.  We will be sharing ways you can volunteer and invitation flyers in the coming weeks.

Eagle Scout Project
Jack Wells will be doing benches and a fire pit for Crosspoint for his Eagle project. He will be doing two benches at the front entryway and then a fire pit and benches in the backyard. If you have questions you can talk to Jack Wells or email him at 123JackWells@gmail.com. If you would like to donate to the project, there are envelopes on the back table on Sunday.  Checks need to be made out to Troop 1 with Jack Wells Eagle Project in the Memo.  Thank you for your donations and thank you Jack for sharing your Eagle Scout project with us.

Small Groups at Crosspoint
It’s Small Group Time!
Find a group and a time that works for you.
Groups will begin the week of September 19!

Sunday Morning at 9:30am
Rest Revealed: A Practical and Biblical Approach to Living a Life of Rest by Linda Troyer
Linda Troyer lived an anxious life that nearly killed her until she took Jesus up on His offer, “Come to Me and I will give you rest.” In Rest Revealed, Linda explains practically and biblically how it’s possible to receive rest (even in the midst of stressful and uncertain times) through an experiential, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, The Source of Rest.  Allow the life-touching stories and practical insights inspire you to receive your own tailor-made rest with Jesus.  Join us as we discuss Rest on Sunday mornings at 9:30 at Crosspoint beginning September 25th.  This small group is designed for women of all ages.  Please Contact Sandy Knauf (248-797-2118) or Melissa Kalb (330-705-6386) if you have questions.

Monday Evening
How (Not) to Save the World Video Study: The Truth About Revealing God’s Love to the People Right Next to You by Hosanna Wong
In this study, Hosanna Wong discusses what holds us back from sharing the most important story in the world. Discovering what God's Word actually says about revealing God’s love to the people right next us, and how we are already equipped to reach those who don't know how much God loves them (yet).  This Young Adult group is geared for those who are 20ish and 30ish.  We will meet at 7:00pm via Zoom.  Please contact Zack McFee (330-806-9377) or Thom Kalb (330-705-6386) for your Zoom Meeting invite or if you have questions.

Tuesday Evening
Study to be Determined
This is small group is open to people of all ages and is led by Jerry Kalb. This group will meet via Zoom at 7:00pm. Please contact Jerry Kalb (440-478-0236) or Thom Kalb (330-705-6386) for your Zoom Meeting invited or if you have questions.

Undistracted: Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy by Bob GoffDistractions cause more harm than you might think. And they're all around us, all the time. They can disrupt our focus on what really matters, interfere with our true priorities, and divert our attention from the God who created us for his good purpose.  Join us as we discuss how to start living a less-distracted and more joy-filled and love-oriented life.  We will meet at 7:00 pm at Crosspoint. This study will be led by Thom Kalb (330-705-6386) and begin on Tuesday, September 27th.

Wednesday Evening
Dream Big: Know What You Want, Why You Want It, and What You’re Going to Do About It by Bob Goff Once upon a time we had big dreams. But life became a maze of responsibilities, obligations, and expectations. Maybe we see that there's more to life and more to faith, but we're distracted by the next crisis or urgent diversion, and that stirring of purpose always seems out of reach. We still have dreams, but we're no longer in touch with them.  This video Bible study will help you understand that God has a plan for your life.  People of all ages are welcome to be a part of this group.  We will be led by Dennis Boyd (330-966-4652) and meet at 7:00pm.  Jonathon and Michelle Maas will be hosting this study at their home.

Thursday Evening            
Signs and Wonders Video Content: A Beginner's Guide to the Miracles of Jesus by Amy Jill Levine

Amy-Jill Levine explores selected miracles of Jesus in historical and theological context. For each miracle, she discusses not only how past witnesses would have understood the events, but also how today’s readers can draw meaning from Jesus’s words and actions.  This group is made up of people of all ages.  We will meet at 6:30 pm at Thom and Melissa’s Kalb home.  This study will be led by Thom Kalb (330-705-6386) and begin on Thursday, September 29th.

Preschool improvements
The preschool year will begin the week of September 12th.
This past year the preschool received a grant, and they are in the process of applying for another one this year.
The preschool board wanted to use the money to improve the school for the children, improve the pay for our teachers and to make some improvements to the building and grounds at Crosspoint.

You may have noticed some of the improvements around the building.
The playground and mulch have been completed.
The carpet has been replaced in the first two rooms on the east side of the children’s wing with the same type of tile that is the hallway. 
One wall has been painted in the first two classrooms on the left.
The walls in the worship center have been scraped and touched up.
The worship center chairs have been professionally cleaned.
We have replaced two emergency exit signs and two emergency lights in the bathrooms.
We are dividing the coat closet in half by adding a wall and door to one side for storage.
Finally, The Children’s wing furnace is being repaired and air scrubbers are being added.
We are also getting mirror glass windows and doors in the west side of education wing.

We are very thankful for the grants and the preschool paying for all of these improvements.


Financial Report after Seven Months
After seven months (January – July) we are down $ 9,337.13 in offering from last year.  
Our expenses are down $3,145 from last year.
Which means we are have $17,221 deficit.  Most of the deficit is from the first three months of the year where we fell behind by $16,145.  Over the past four month we have leveled out a little bit with a $1,076 deficit.

We currently have $92,851 in our general fund and $19,054 in our Building fund.

The biggest expenses to our budget are salaries, apportionments and our mortgage.  Our mortgage is down to only $157,000 and will be paid off within the next five years.  Our apportionments are what we pay to our conference for ministry both locally and throughout our conference.  Our salaries are pastor, worship leader and janitor.  These are fixed cost.

This means our income needs to increase to keep the same staff, pay our apportionments and pay our mortgage.

Often, we look at a $17,000 deficit and think, “what can we do?”  One person often cannot make up that difference.  But as a congregation we can collectively make a difference. If each family increased their giving by $20 a month, it would increase our income by $10,000 a year.  Or $40 a month, would be a $20,000 increase a year.  Each of us being generous together, allows Crosspoint to be the church God is call us to be.

If you would like to see all the numbers, there is a Statement of Activity on the back table for January – July.

The Book of Joy Series
Conversation helps us to see things from different perspectives. “The Book of Joy” is a book that came out of a weeklong conversation between Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. These two people have endured exile, violence and oppression. In the face of these hardships, they continued to radiate compassion, humor and above all, joy. This series will help us understand joy and explore key concepts that can empower us to find lasting happiness in a changing world.
August 21st - The Nature of Joy
Obstacles of Joy
August 28th - Fear, Stress, Anxiety, Frustration and Anger
September 4th - Sadness, Grief, Despair
September 11th – Loneliness
September 18th - Envy
September 25th - Suffering, Adversity Illness and Fear of Death
Pillars of Joy
October 2nd - Perspective
October 9th – Humility
October 16th - Humor
October 23rd - Acceptance
October 30th - Forgiveness
November 6th - Compassion
November 13th – Generosity
November 20th – Gratitude

Children’s Ministry Volunteers
Our children are an important part of Crosspoint.  Every Sunday we offer a nursery and Children’s Church during worship.  We are looking for volunteers to serve one Sunday a month to help our children grow closer to Jesus and each other.  If you are interested in serving in this area of ministry, please contact Pastor Thom (330-705-6386).

Sunday Morning Tech Team
We are looking for volunteers to help with the sound board to balance sound for our praise team, the worship computer to run our worship slides and our livestream to share our worship service online.  You do not need previous experience as we will train those who would like to help.  If you are interested in helping or would like more information, please contact Pastor Thom (330-705-6386).

QR Code
Crosspoint is trying something new.  We are going to use a QR Code to provide a quick and easy way to access our weekly announcements.  Just scan the QR code with your smart phone camera app and it will send you to the announcement page on our website.  The QR Code will be posted around the building at Crosspoint, on our Facebook page and in our weekly announcement slides on Sunday Mornings.  If you have any questions, contact Katie Wells (330-418-7515).

Free Black Rubber Mulch
We have a pile of black rubber mulch from our old playground area that is free for the taking.  We are planning to use wood mulch with our new playground area, so we do not need the black rubber mulch anymore.  The pile is located on the west side of the parking lot next to the garage.  Feel free to stop by any time and pick up as much of it as you would like.  If any of your friends or family are looking for black rubber mulch, please let them know they are welcome to it as well.  If you have any questions, contact Pastor Thom (330-705-6386).

Bagels and Coffee are back
We began serving bagels and coffee again.  Come a little early for worship each week and enjoy a bagel or coffee and a few minutes of conversation with others.  Janice Spangler will be coordinating coffee table and we are looking for some volunteers who would be willing to help her set up the table.  If you are able to help, please contact Janice (330-904-3434) or sign up on the back table.

You Matter Rock Garden
We are making serval improvements to our backyard.  We are getting a new playground which is being funded by a grant the preschool received as well as donations and several fundraisers.  We are also going to be adding a firepit and bench areas that Jack Wells is completing for his Eagle Scout Project.  Finally, we are adding a “You Matter” Rock Garden inspired by a former JCA student, James Ward, who passed away suddenly at the age of 10. We are asking for everyone to decorate a rock to place in the garden.  Please choose a rock on Sunday morning, take it home, decorate it with your family and bring it back to place in the garden.  If you have any questions, contact Sheri Boyd (330-268-7377).

Online Worship adds a YouTube Option
We know worship is an important part of our life of faith.  We also know that not everyone is able to join us for in person worship.  At Crosspoint we offer both in person and online options for worship.  We currently Livestream our worship service on Sunday mornings at 10:30 on www.facebook.com/crosspointumcjacksontownship and https://crosspoint-umc.freeonlinechurch.com/  We are now adding YouTube as an option.  You can follow this link, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHzj5ssDhZfPeAaJYNjnBrg/videos or you can go to YouTube and search CrosspointUMC.  Once on our channel you can subscribe.  By subscribing you can receive updates whenever we go live with a new video.  If you have any questions, you can contact Pastor Thom at 330-705-6386.

Crosspoint relies on the generosity and giving of each of us to continue to support the operation of our facilities and the ministries of our congregation.  Although some of our ministries are making adjustments during this time, we will continue to rely on our offering to help us share God’s love in practical ways.  Many share their offering on Sunday while we are in worship together.  Since we are not meeting in person at this time we have made online giving available.  If you wish to make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation you may do so by following this link (https://crosspointumc.breezechms.com/give/online).   You may also mail your donation to the church (9687 Portage St. NW Massillon, Ohio 44646).  If you have any questions about your giving moving forward, please contact Katy Hoffman (330-417-0263)  Thank you for your genericity to Crosspoint.


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